Admission process

Terrafirm Global Academy is a Centre of Excellence equipping prospective students towards a specialized vocational qualification .The Academy admits talented, hardworking and ambitious students who are prepared to invest their best efforts to build a fulfilling career.

The admission procedures include multiple stage process for certificate and diploma programs. Application form can be downloaded from the academy website. Dates for submission of initial application, details of location /centres for entrance test, interviews and group discussions can be received from the website or from the admissions office of the academy.

For Certificate/Diploma programs

Stage 1: Submission of initial application along with an application fee of Rs.500/- as cheque or DD (In favour of Terrafirm Global Academy payable at Kochi ) or online submission of initial application along with online transfer of application fee of Rs 500 /.

Stage 2. Submission of attested copies of educational documents

Stage 3: Statement of Purpose

Stage 4: TNAT (Terrafirm National Aptitude Test). For select programs.

Stage 5: .Final Interview (Group discussion included for diploma programs)

Stage 6: Completion of admission procedures &payment of first installment of fees

TNAT: Terrafirm National Aptitude Test

TNAT has been designed to measure domain related cognitive capacity of applicants in terms of Lateral, Analytical & Conceptual thinking and the ability to hold multiple and potentially diverse possibilities in mind simultaneously . The test aims to understand the capability of the applicant in the following areas.

Creative Skills:

  • The ability to generate new ideas
  • Visual communication skills – through drawing ,making or digital manipulation
  • Basic and Visual sketching
  • Visual communication design in the form of posters ,Logo
  • Animation design in the form of comic strips ,character framing etc

General Ability:

  • Communicative skills
  • English comprehension skills
  • General awareness - Social, historical, cultural and political

Intellectual applications:

  • Lateral, Conceptual, Analytical and Critical thinking.
  • Observation ,Problem identification and solving skills
  • Ability to hold multiple and potentially diverse possibilities in mind simultaneously

Fee Structure:

For details of fees for various categories of courses, contact admissions office of the academy.

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