Interior design and Visual Merchandising

Interior design is the art and science to enhance the interior space to achieve a healthier, more aesthetically pleasing and efficient functional space.

The study involves all the aspects to think differently, improve observation, design process, colour, ergonomics, exercises, projects, test models, scale model, presentation techniques and documentation.

Information on different materials and choosing Furniture, Tapestry, Painting, Light fittings, Appliances, Sanitary ware fitting, Flooring, Finishes to decorate the vertical and horizontal surfaces and spaces, will be in the learning process.

Visual merchandising is the practice in the retail industry of developing floor plans and three-dimensional displays in order to maximize sales. Both goods and services can be displayed to highlight their features and benefits. Visual merchandisers use their design skills to help promote the image, products and services of retail businesses . They create eye-catching product displays and store layouts and design to attract customers and encourage them to buy. The use and manipulation of attractive sales displays to engage customers and boost sales activity. The products being sold are typically displayed in such a way as to attract consumers from the intended market by drawing attention to the product's best features and benefits. Retail brand strategy, Methodology, Interior displays, Store layout, Point of purchase display, Lighting, Exterior displays, Window display, Colour ,Graphics, photography and signage, Fashion trends are some of the subjects to learn in the programme.

The course is designed to direct the enquiry towards the subject specialism of Interior and Visual merchandising. It will encourage the learner to develop the ability to focus the practice of the specialisation within critical, theoretical, professional and cultural contexts, enabling to reach high levels of subject specific knowledge and expertise.

interior design course

Certificate in Interior Decoration

120 hours - 6 months - 12 credits
7 Hours per day
Three Saturday in a month
Fees – Rs 14,400 plus 18% GST

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interior design courses

Diploma in Interior Design & Visual Mechandising

600 hours - 6 months - 60 credits
5 hours per day
Five days per week
Fees – Rs 72,000 consolidated

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interior design course

Advanced diploma in Interior Design & Visual Mechandising

1200 hours - 12 months - 120 credits
5 Hours per day
Five days per week
Fees – Rs 144,400 consolidated

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