• Terrafirm Global Academy of Design & Innovation aspires to be one among the premier institutes in India to offer highly futuristic and vocational courses in Art, Design and Media.
  • The academy would incorporate an international methodology and pedagogy in its program content development and delivery process to create globally relevant and highly competitive capabilities in its learners. Towards this, the institution has forged academic and strategic partnerships with international educational organizations and Centres of Excellence.
  • Terrafirm would be both multi and interdisciplinary in its offerings and as such would have within its portfolio of programs a range including Art & design, Interior design, Fashion design, Architectural technology, Instructional design, Interaction design, Graphic design, Life style & Accessories Design, Photography, Design journalism, Fashion journalism, Visual communication, Animation, Digital media, Image management, Event management & Design management.


  • The course structuring would be highly vocational in nature and largely incorporate practical assignments and projects in order to create a real life scenario in learning, thereby readying the learner for an effective foray into industry on day one.
  • The academic council and the faculty team would interface with industry on a regular basis and be receptive to market and future industry trends. This would help evolve a critical strategy to incorporate vital dynamics into configuring future programs on a need based rationale.
  • Terrafirm would also promote the need for design awareness within a discerning society and facilitate platforms to educate the masses on how design as a discipline shapes and moulds lifestyles, whether it is from an aesthetic, functional or cultural perspective. Towards this, the team at Terrafirm would organize Workshops, Seminars, Interactive Sessions & Exchanges and Design fairs involving lead advocates of design and culture, architects, professionals from varying fields and technical expertises.
  • The institution in fullness of time would emerge as a research hub and would invest substantial resources and time to develop theoretical insights, critical innovations & design vocabularies.