BTEC Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Art and Design

Duration: 18 months for students who have completed 10th Std, 8 months for students who have completed 12th Std.

This course is ideal for students to prepare for rigorous admission tests such as NIFT, NID, CEED, CEPT, IIT-IDC, NATA, SPA, FDDI, other premier Indian Design Institutes and also leading International Design Schools for their degree programs.

The course focuses on the foundational levels of an art and design suite equipping the students to develop skills in Drawing, 3D design, Observation, Visualising Concepts, Aesthetic and Creative Applications, Presentation, Situational assessment, Portfolio Creation, Basic Interview Grooming and so on.

Along with a high probability of success at the admission tests, the students also receive an International Diploma in Art & Design which is valued around the world. The BTEC Subsidiary Diploma in art and design is a structured academic program and hence learners quickly adapt into the rigorous educational processes before they enrol into their degree programs.

Subjects are foundational in nature and introduce the learner into the exciting world of art and design. It encompasses an entire creative thinking process and enables to develop a signature style and methodology in the learners thinking process and mindset. The units focus the learner to develop key critical skills in fine arts and its expressions, process thinking, theme and concept capturing and the undergirding knowledge and grip alongside a body of works to move onto specialist pathways in creative streams.

Core Units

  • Visual recording in Art and Design
  • Materials, techniques and Processes in Art and Design
  • Ideas and Concepts in Art and Design
  • Communication through Art and Design
  • Design methods in Art and Design
  • Drawing from Observation
  • Fine Art Principles
  • Multi disciplinary Work in Fine Art
  • Portfolio Development