Certificate Program in Home Styling and Basics of Interior Design

Principles & Elements of Interior Design

The learning begins with an exploration of international design periods to the birth of modern interior design and beyond. Also become familiar with classic furniture pieces, get to know the essential elements and principles of interior design.

Develop your designer’s eye to evolve as a full fledged interior designer.

Introduction to Materials, Properties and Techniques

Lighting, color, paint ,textures ,.Understanding the use of natural and artificial lighting to bring a space to life.

The tutorial explores use of color wheel , special features of colors and paint textures complimenting the look of a place.

Understanding various materials like flooring tiles, rugs, natural stones, claddings their properties, maintenance for a residence layout.

Textiles, Fabrics, furnishings, types of furniture, window treatments and explore the world of fabrics and their construction styles.

Get expertise in technicalities and trends of partitions doors .

Familiarization with Technical Drawings & Mood Boards

Learn to read scale drawings like plans, elevations and sections, capture the methodology and also to interpret and understand a designer’s concept and presentation development.

Residential Project Basic Design

Learn about residential interior design. From basics, to learn how to plan a kitchen bathroom, bedroom spaces, selecting lighting, storage and appliances.

Considering suitable materials for ventilation and heating.

Trains the learner on necessities of contracts, tenders, purchase programs and their practical implications.

Computer Aided Drafting – CAAD (Optional)

  • 5 days per week @ 3 hours per day
  • Exposure to Autocad, 3D Visualisations