IGBC –AP (Indian Green Building Council – Accredited Professional)

IGBC stands for Indian green building council. It is the official body in India offering green building certification to qualified buildings. Interiors of buildings also are accorded green ratings. The green ratings are highly sought after and afford tremendous economic sense, energy efficiencies and creature comfort for the built environment. The building construction and the interior design industry is increasingly resorting to make most built environments green. In fact, there is every chance that green buildings become a statutory norm in the days to come. In light of such increased demands for this technical requirement, IGBC is now offering training material and a qualifying exam for professionals keen to be IGBC –AP or Indian green building council accredited professional. Qualified individuals can be involved in projects registered under the IGBC rating programmes like IGBC green homes; Interiors etc. Projects would achieve one credit point “Innovation and Design category if an IGBC AP is part of the project team. Having an Interior design qualification along with being an IGBC AP is a great combination and will make a most sought after professional in the building industry especially in large scale architectural design studios, Interior design studios and property development companies.

Core Units

  • Green building design & Construction
  • Building standards & Codes
  • IGBC resources & Processes
  • Green Design Strategies & Impacts