How Do Contracts Work Valorant

Contracts are an essential part of any competitive game, and Valorant is no exception. In Valorant, contracts are a way for players to unlock new content and rewards. But how exactly do contracts work in Valorant? Let`s take a closer look.

First of all, contracts are essentially progression tracks that players can work on to unlock rewards. There are multiple contracts available in Valorant, each corresponding to a specific agent. For example, if you want to unlock rewards for the agent Phoenix, you would need to complete the Phoenix contract.

Each contract is divided into multiple tiers, each with its own set of rewards. To progress through a contract, you need to earn XP by playing games. The amount of XP you earn depends on how well you perform in each game. This means that the better you play, the faster you will progress through the contract.

In addition to playing games, you can also earn XP by completing specific missions. These missions are generally quite simple, and may require you to perform certain actions in-game, such as getting a certain number of kills with a specific weapon. Completing these missions will give you a significant boost in XP, allowing you to progress through the contract more quickly.

As you progress through the tiers of a contract, the rewards you unlock become more valuable. At the early tiers, you might unlock things like sprays or player cards, while at higher tiers you could unlock weapon skins or even entire agent bundles.

It`s important to note that contracts are time-limited. Each contract has a set duration, usually around two months. This means that if you want to unlock all the rewards from a specific contract, you will need to play regularly and consistently throughout the duration of the contract. If you don`t complete a contract before it expires, you won`t be able to unlock any of the remaining rewards.

In conclusion, contracts are a key feature of Valorant that allow players to unlock new content and rewards. They require consistent play and effort to progress through, but the rewards on offer make it well worth the effort. So if you`re a Valorant player looking to unlock some cool new gear, be sure to check out the available contracts and start grinding!

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