Dehydration technologies are an emerging application within the food processing space and gives the flexibility of much longer shelf life as compared to all other forms of preservation. It also helps preserve food without adding preservatives or any other artificial ingredients which aids preservation. Modern technologies which Terrafirm engages allows processed foods to retain much of its Nutritional and Phytochemical values, Sensory properties as well as Physical characteristics.

Nendran Banana Powder ​​

KannanKaya Banana Powder ​

Jackfruit Flour

Sprouted Ragi Whole /Powder

Sprouted Green Gram
Whole / Powder

Sprouted Cow Peas
Whole / Powder

Banana Figs / Rolls

Jackfruit Seeds Whole/ Powder

Sprouted Horse Gram
Whole / Powder

Sprouted Wheat /Powder

Jackfruit Flakes

Jackfruit Figs / Rolls

Ginger Powder

Garlic Powder

Onion Powder

Gooseberry in honey

Nutmeg in honey

Curry leaves

Banana in honey

Nendran banana dehydrated chips

Kannankaya dehydrated chips

Cinnamon dried leaf

Nutmeg dried

Gooseberry dried

Rosemary dried

Thyme dried

Bay Leaf’s

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